ICI offers furniture and custom interior installation. Visit to learn more.

Specification Writing

Selection of the appropriate product for any given environment is critical to the success and longevity of your investments. ICI representatives are able to guide you in every facet of your project, from feasibility to budgeting, to a hard quotation for any product and its appropriate installation. Understanding the style that you want, the traffic pattern of the area and your allotted budget all help to formulate the professional recommendation that ICI delivers.


Experienced Project Management

Our trained staff of project managers have more than 100 years of combined floor covering experience. We handle everything, from writing a commercial floor covering specification, to ensuring a speedy completion of a punch list. ICI's project managers are there every step of the way, keeping a diligent eye on every aspect of the installation. The company's success is driven through our professional approach to our work and the relationships that have been built upon solid levels of consistent service. ICI Flooring's philosophy is 'Get it right the first time.'


Worry-free Delivery & Installation

ICI Flooring has industry certified and factory authorized mechanics for every type of product. Realizing that the success of any installation is dependent upon the skill level of the technician, ICI requires continued education for all of its labor force. You are assured that your mechanic has been exposed to cutting edge methodology and up to date technology to aid in his/her work. Our superintendent of installation makes certain that all projects are coordinated with the highest level of talent associated to a special flooring product. The attention to these details optimizes the chances for your satisfaction for years to come.

ICI offers furniture and custom interior installation.
Visit to learn more.

What sets us apart

Heat Welding

When floor covering is required to be impervious to chemical or water intrusion, heat welding provides the solution. These areas typically include clean room operations as well as hospital surgery areas. A special welding rod fuses two sheets of floor covering together. The rod is often color-matched to the sheets goods making it appear as one continuous floor. A contrasting colored rod is also available should the desired finish have a grid appearance. The installation of this material is extremely specialized, and the tools required are very expensive.

Carpet Lift System

Carpet replacement is often prohibited due to the high cost of disassembling furniture and moving it, combined with the operational disruption it causes. ICI Flooring has trained technicians for a very specialized aspect of installation referred to as a 'Lift System'. This method of replacement requires no moving of existing furniture, and does not displace a worker from their station. The lift is accomplished with a series of 'jacks' that gently raise the furniture just enough to allow the old carpet to come out, and a new carpet tile to go in its place.

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